2018 China Autonomous Driving Test and Verification Technology Forum Successfully Held in Shanghai


On June 28th, the "2018 China Autonomous Driving Test and Verification Technology Forum" organized by Shanghai Suoya Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Shanghai. This forum gathered leading enterprises from the global autonomous vehicle testing industry, including Audi, Daimler, SAIC Volkswagen, BAIC, Chang'an, Continental Automotive, Trina, 3M, Konrad Technologies, Automotive, OTSL, etc., to conduct in-depth discussions on key issues such as industrial development policy trends, interpretation of laws and regulations, global autonomous vehicle case experience sharing, and the development of the latest testing technology.

Mr. Huang Sizhe, Technical Manager of 3M China Traffic Safety Product Department, elaborated on the innovative path of 3M road traffic safety with the theme of "3M Intelligent Connected Road Assisting Intelligent Transportation Facilities"; Looking forward to the future driving form - the development of intelligent connected vehicles; And 3M intelligent connected road technology. In his speech, Mr. Huang Sizhe advocated that in order to cope with the coming era of intelligent connected vehicles, the change of road transport infrastructure is necessary; Only by standardizing these next-generation infrastructure and perception components can true vehicle road collaboration be achieved; In real traffic scenarios, sufficient road information redundancy is the key to achieving autonomous driving; To meet the above needs, 3M is actively developing relevant solutions. Since 1939, 3M has been providing solutions for the traffic safety industry and leading the technological innovation and progress of traffic safety related products. In the era of autonomous driving, road infrastructure such as signs and markings is equally important as artificial intelligence, providing a data foundation and safety redundancy for autonomous driving. 3M cooperates extensively with industry participants and actively participates in the testing of unmanned driving closed test sites and open roads, providing traffic safety solutions that meet the requirements of the times and technology.
At the same time, Mr. Ram Mirwani, Global Business Development Director of ADAS from Konrad Technologies, elaborated on how to combine sensor fusion HIL with measurement based testing to meet the testing challenges of autonomous driving; An overview of the requirements for the evolution of advanced assisted driving system (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) testing, and how to combine sensor fusion HIL with measurement based testing; And how to improve the testing quality of autonomous driving ability while reducing overall testing costs and other important content. Konrad Technologies is a leading automated testing system integrator founded in Germany in 1993 and a platinum partner of National Instruments in the United States. Konrad Technologies' core business focuses on developing, designing, and integrating customized testing solutions tailored to customer specific needs and quality requirements. According to customer needs, we not only provide products and services for individual system modules, but also provide products and services for fully automated complete systems. So far, we have established cooperative relationships with customers in the consumer electronics, aerospace, defense, automotive, home appliances, and semiconductor industries.
In addition, Mr. Tamas Csizmadia, the head of the Safety and Compliance Department of AIMotive, introduced the key points of simulation testing and how to use simulation technology as a test solution to make autonomous vehicle faster, more efficient and safer. AIMotive has an independent team with the world's cutting-edge technology and is committed to the technology of fully autonomous vehicle. Its unique toolset aims to address all the challenges of autonomous mobility brought about by advanced artificial intelligence, simulation technology, and supporting hardware architecture. The complex method of self driving technology enables its research and development team to quickly develop systems in the safest way possible. The AIMotive team currently has over 170 members. The company has offices in Helsinki, Finland, Mountain View, California, and Tokyo, Japan. Most of the company's development work is carried out at its headquarters in Budapest, led by a team of 130 highly skilled engineers. Among them, there are thirty professional artificial intelligence researchers, and fifteen members of their team hold doctoral degrees.
In the exhibition area, OTSL company from Japan showcased advanced laser radar simulator systems and advanced millimeter wave radar simulators. The real-time LiDAR simulator utilizes high-precision 3D CG map technology to support various LiDARs, including Mechanical Scan/MEMS/Flash; A specialized 3D CG map with laser reflectivity (accuracy less than 2mm), with advantages such as real-time simulation (above 300fps) and simultaneous simulation using multiple LiDARs. OTSL's advanced millimeter wave radar simulator is the world's first simulator system that utilizes high-precision 3D CG mapping technology. In addition to supporting multiple millimeter wave radars and real-time simulation, it also has the world's first features such as MIMO antenna/3D-FFT and 3D point cloud display using unscented Kalman tracking and processing.
The 2018 China Autonomous Driving Testing and Verification Technology Forum provides effective development ideas for future autonomous driving technology routes through vivid topic settings that are in line with the current concerns of autonomous driving testing and the interpretation of relevant regulations. Combined with the actual simulation and road test case, the problems encountered by the current automatic driving are analyzed and summarized. It provides an effective information platform for communication and cooperation in the development of the industry.