An Zhi Auto hires Xiang Hui, Secretary General of China Machinery Industry Federation, as the chief industry consultant


On July 19, AZ Auto, a Chinese independent ADAS integration solution provider, announced that Xiang Hui, Secretary General of the China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIA), was officially employed as the company's chief industry consultant. In the future, Secretary General Xiang Hui will work with Anzhi Automobile to promote the development of China's independent intelligent networking technology and industry through multi-dimensional strategies and industry resources. The goal is to contribute to the breakthrough and landing of domestically produced ADAS products on the eve of the market outbreak and in the context of fierce global market competition.
As long as it is good for the industry, we are willing to support it, "said Xiang Hui at the appointment ceremony of Secretary General Xiang Hui by Anzhi Automobile that afternoon. Being on the front line of industry organizations closely connected to the automotive industry has become his original intention to join the automotive industry chain as a consultant. In addition to representatives from the leaders of China Union of Mechanical Engineers, the guests attending the meeting also included representatives from China Union of Mechanical Engineers Intelligent Connected Vehicle Industry Fund and Anzhi Automobile. At the meeting, Guo Jian, Chairman and CEO of Anzhi Automobile, submitted an employment letter to Xiang Hui, Secretary General of China Federation of Machinery Manufacturers.
Small and medium-sized enterprises have great innovation vitality and development momentum, and in the future, they will be the key to promoting the upgrading and upgrading of the entire industry. "Xiang Hui affirmed at the industry exchange meeting after the recruitment ceremony. The automotive industry is even more so. Nowadays, with the trend of "new four modernizations" in the automotive industry, a large number of rapidly growing new startups have emerged in the intelligent driving and future travel industries. However, under the ideal industrial vision, the large-scale commercial implementation of technology still faces many challenges.
At present, due to the high technical requirements and industry barriers of the front mounted ADAS system, vehicle manufacturers often purchase from international large factories. In the field of passenger cars, Tier 1 system integrators mainly include Continental, Delphi, Bosch, and Electric Equipment, with the top five system integrators accounting for over 65% of the global market share. In the field of commercial vehicles, Bosch Group, Continental Group, and Weibo collectively hold over 60% of the global ADAS market share.
With the successive introduction of relevant promotion policies by the country in the past two years, the market window period left for domestic ADAS companies is less than two years. On the eve of the gradual outbreak of the domestic ADAS market reshuffle, only by seizing the domestic ADAS front-end market first can we seize our own market share before international mainstream supplier giants such as Bosch, Delphi, and Mobileye turn around.
Based on this, Secretary General Xiang Hui and CEO Guo Jian of Anzhi Automobile unanimously believe that the domestic ADAS industry urgently needs to break through the breakthrough of independent products, and at the same time, the domestic market urgently needs products with the same quality or even performance surpassing international mainstream ADAS products, so that independent ADAS products can compete with foreign mainstream products on the same platform, forming a dual balance between price and market pattern.
In addition to the market, CIMC and Anzhi Automobile also held in-depth discussions on issues such as Chinese domestic chips, hardware manufacturing processes, and processing technologies. The latter is not only a hot topic that domestic industry chain practitioners are currently paying attention to, but also inseparable from the landing of the front end of the intelligent driving industry.
The China Machinery Industry Federation is a comprehensive industry association voluntarily composed of national associations, regional associations, enterprises and institutions with important influence, scientific research institutes, colleges and secondary technical schools of the machinery industry in the reform of China's industrial management system. It has 270 unit members. Since its establishment, CIMC has relied on strong national industry resources, adhering to the purpose of revitalizing the national machinery industry, connecting the government and enterprises, leading the preparation of the national machinery industry medium and long-term scientific and technological development plan, and organizing the formulation and revision of national and industry standards, technical specifications, and other work.
The automotive industry, as one of the representative industries in the field of mechanical industry with high technological intensity and the most advanced manufacturing processes, has always been one of the focuses of the work of China Federation of Machinery Manufacturers. The layout of China's intelligent connected vehicle industry, represented by intelligent driving and autonomous driving, has also been long-standing.
In the first half of this year, Anzhi Automobile welcomed leaders from China Union of Machinery to visit and test drive the company, which was highly recognized by Xiang Hui, Secretary General of China Union of Machinery at that time. Now, the further strengthening of industrial cooperation between the two sides is partly due to Secretary General Xiang Hui's recognition and optimism of Anzhi Automobile's adherence to the concept of front-end installation and mass-produced products, and partly due to both sides' unanimous commitment to supporting China's independent intelligent networking industry. With the support of more industrial resources, Anzhi Automobile will embark on a more stable path towards the marketization of domestically produced independent ADAS products.