Volkswagen Repairs 80% Cheating Diesel Cars Still Need to Win Consumer Trust


On July 17th, the European Union announced on the 16th that since the 2015 scandal, German automotive giant Volkswagen Group has repaired millions of cars equipped with emission cheating software, but more measures must be taken to meet the needs of European consumers.
In 2015, Volkswagen Group admitted to installing so-called "efficiency reduction devices" on 11 million diesel vehicles worldwide in order to cheat in vehicle emission testing. After the incident was exposed, Volkswagen launched an action plan to repair emission software.
Vera Jourova, the EU Consumer Affairs Commissioner, stated that the Volkswagen Group has largely fulfilled their promised action plan. However, the company has adopted a differentiated approach towards European and American consumers. In the United States, Volkswagen agrees to pay compensation to car owners and dealers, while in Europe it mainly repairs cheating cars. However, Volkswagen has not provided a comprehensive and clear commitment to potential issues that may arise after the vehicle is repaired. Yaorova stated that the European Commission and its implementing agencies regret this
Yaorova stated that Volkswagen Group has currently repaired about 80% of the 8.5 million vehicles in Europe equipped with efficiency reduction devices. The car repair rate ranges from 96% in Germany to 36% in Romania, and it is expected to complete the repair of all faulty vehicles by 2020.

German auto giant Volkswagen has fixed millions of cars with emissions cheating software since the 2015 scandal, but must do more to meet European consumer demand, the EU said On July 17.


In 2015, Volkswagen admitted to installing so-called "defeat devices" in 11 million diesel vehicles around the world to cheat on vehicle emissions tests, leading to a plan of action to fix the emissions software.


Vera Jourova, the European Commissioner for consumer affairs, said vw had largely fulfilled its promised course of action.However, the company takes a differentiated approach to European and US consumers.In the United States, Vw agreed to pay compensation to owners and dealers, and in Europe mainly to fix the cars.However, Volkswagen did not give a full and clear commitment to the problems that might arise after the vehicle is repaired, Yorova said, adding that the European Commission, the EU's executive body, regretted this


Ms Yorova said vw had so far repaired about 80 per cent of the 8.5m cars in Europe fitted with defeat devices.Vehicle repair rates range from 96 per cent in Germany to 36 per cent in Romania and are expected to be complete by 2020.