GAC Trumpchi's 10th Anniversary Goal: A Global Enterprise with World-Class Brands


On July 21, GAC Motor's 10th Anniversary Summary Conference and Brand Release Conference was held in Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center Stadium. On site, GAC Trumpchi released a new corporate brand slogan, brand spirit, and corporate culture, taking an important "step" towards its future vision and sustainable development. This is also GAC Trumpchi's reflection and practice on the future after 10 years of high-quality development and entering a new round of development channels. GAC Passenger Cars is committed to becoming a "world-class brand and global enterprise".
That evening, Zeng Qinghong, Chairman of GAC Group, Feng Xingya, General Manager of GAC Group and Chairman of GAC Passenger Vehicle, and leaders of subsidiary enterprises and institutions, Yu Jun, General Manager of GAC Passenger Vehicle, and all leaders of GAC Passenger Vehicle, representatives of GAC Passenger Vehicle employees, retired employees, partners, car owners, and media friends gathered together to review the ten years of GAC Trumpchi's hard work and legendary creation, Looking forward to the upcoming new decade.
GAC Trumpchi's new brand slogan "Pursuing Greatness" will become the spiritual core of all Trumpchi people. Facing the new opening of the next decade, GAC Trumpchi people will work hand in hand with all partners and consumers to deliver joyful mobile life to every corner of the world and make the world a better place!
Ten years of ups and downs, with a steadfast heart moving forward
For a century old enterprise, ten years may just be a fleeting moment. But for GAC Trumpchi, the decade from its establishment to growth has been a full effort, a long and arduous journey ahead, and a legend that is being written.
The summary conference was kicked off by the short film "The Road to Dreams", which was divided into four chapters: "Embracing the Birthday Youth Trumpchi", "Mission Journey Dreams Together", "Crafting Love in Trumpchi", and "China's Power Soars Up". Activities such as historical image review, recognition of special dedication awards and outstanding contribution awards for employees, and joint watering of the Tree of Hope were held one by one. In addition, interviews with engineers, distributors, and suppliers were specially arranged on site to look back on the turbulent times and explore the spiritual essence of the Trumpchi people. The atmosphere on site was deeply moving and inspiring.
GAC Trumpchi's decade of high praise and hard work is inseparable from the support of its partners, suppliers, distributors, people from all walks of life, as well as all Trumpchi people and their families. Yu Jun expressed heartfelt gratitude to them in his opening speech. He said, "After ten years of development, GAC's independent brand, GAC Trumpchi, has grown from scratch, from small to large, and has become a benchmark for high-end intelligent manufacturing in China. This is the result of everyone's joint efforts
After ten years of growth, GAC Trumpchi, as a brand new car brand, has created a model of independent brand with high starting point and high-quality development. Over the past decade, many talents with a Chinese automotive dream have devoted themselves wholeheartedly to the Trumpchi business, taking the development of independent brands as their own responsibility. GAC Trumpchi has established a world-class car manufacturing system based on independent innovation and focused on forward research and development; Being close to consumer needs, adhering to quality first, has won widespread market trust and accumulated reputation; Building a full matrix product system, promoting production capacity development and brand advancement, leading Chinese brands to break through towards the high-end; In the past decade, GAC Trumpchi has continuously deepened its supply side structural reform, embarked on a development path of "positioning high-end, prioritizing quality, and driving innovation", and achieved high-quality development in various industries.
Feng Xingya, General Manager of GAC Group and Chairman of GAC Passenger Cars, warmly congratulated GAC Trumpchi on its hard work and innovation. As an important component of GAC's independent innovation strategy, GAC Trumpchi adheres to positive research and development, intelligent manufacturing, and market development, creating star models, showcasing a new image of Chinese automotive brands to the world, and injecting new vitality and vitality into sustainable development. Feng Xingya said, "We will continue to develop our own brand business with the efforts of the entire group. We believe that GAC Trumpchi will seize the opportunity and compete for the future, while achieving its own sustainable development, to promote breakthroughs in Chinese automotive brands.
In the final stage, Yu Jun, General Manager of GAC Passenger Cars, released a new corporate brand and cultural system. GAC Trumpchi has put forward a new brand vision. "GAC Trumpchi believes that if everyone dares to pursue greatness, the world will be a better place!" Based on the brand spirit of pursuing greatness, GAC Trumpchi has put forward brand values of "daring to dream, taking on responsibilities, and constantly striving", as well as a brand personality of "wise foresight, perseverance, and vitality and innovation". On the path of pursuing greatness, GAC Trumpchi's overall development goal remains to create a "world-class brand and global enterprise", while also defining the brand mission as committed to "creating a joyful mobile life" for consumers and the public.
At the end of the press conference, the most exciting moment came - representatives of GAC Group leaders, GAC Passenger Car leaders, and representatives of the Special Contribution Award and Outstanding Contribution Award jointly counted down, and the new brand slogan "Pursuing Greatness" was released, with thunderous applause from the audience. GAC Trumpchi has ushered in a new era of leapfrog brand development.
Dare to dream, take on responsibilities, keep forging ahead, and never stop pursuing greatness
Corporate brand and corporate culture have always been important goals for exploring enterprise development, as well as the fundamental basis and value premise for a company's sustainable development. Only by continuously promoting the self renewal of corporate brand and culture can enterprises maintain vitality and creativity.
Standing at the milestone of ten years, GAC Trumpchi has summarized its business philosophy, brand heritage, and beliefs, turned inward, and unleashed stronger internal motivation, paving the way for the next decade for Trumpchi.
In the past year or so, GAC Trumpchi has carried out a strategic upgrade project for its corporate brand and culture, conducting comprehensive and in-depth interviews with top executives, employees, suppliers, distributors, media, consumers, and other ten major groups. It has obtained over 9900 research questionnaires and over 100 in-depth interview reports. By fully exploring and summarizing one's own business philosophy, brand heritage, and beliefs, refining the spirit and cultural connotations of the enterprise brand, thereby maintaining team morale and shaping the long-term business development path of the enterprise.