The 9th Beijing International Automobile Manufacturing and Industrial Assembly Expo 2018 is about to open


The Chinese market is an important engine driving the growth of the global automobile market, and is also the distribution center of the global automobile manufacturing industry. To welcome the spring breeze of the 13th Conference, and implement the national major strategy of "the the Belt and Road", the 9th Beijing International Automobile Manufacturing and Industrial Assembly Expo 2018 will be grandly opened at the Beijing International Exhibition Center from July 19 to 21, 2018. The industry leaders will gather to sing the theme of energy conservation and environmental protection in the Chinese automobile city, Write a new chapter in the green development of Chinese automobiles!
This exhibition will continue to adhere to the combination of problem oriented and market oriented, with the domestic and international automobile markets as the entry points, and innovate service models. In the context of the strategic transformation of China's automobile industry from a "manufacturing powerhouse" to a "manufacturing powerhouse", from "Made in China" to "Made in China", and the significant industrial opportunities for further development, transformation, and upgrading of national brands, we will meet with you at the Beijing International Exhibition. At that time, Great Wall Corporation Yadeke, China Automotive Engineering Corporation, Machinery Engineering Ninth Institute, Xinsong, Haitong, Neustadt, Otonix, Rom, Laijia, Kuka, Bosch, Mingluo, Han's, Sanfeng, Keinz, Strama, Chuanshang, Baifu, Jinyue Lai, Jinhe, Jiulong, Xingjingke, Hetong Weiye, Hisense, Liming, Perrama, Diweizhi, Mohr Element, Yinghan, Sprui, Kunyi, Datong Precision, Kaisen, Kaiao, Benda, Xiangyi Enterprise Famous enterprises such as Abby, Klux, Inoue, Tyco Electronics, Phoenix, Tuojiang Electromechanical, Datu Electronics, CGN, Zhouri Electronics, Kumax, Xinminghe, Ruiyang Weiye, 609 Cable, Chuanglian Precision, and Limaco gather together. Special highlight exhibition area: Automotive design and development, automotive materials, automotive component manufacturing technology and equipment, body manufacturing process and equipment (four major process equipment), automotive interior and exterior processing equipment, automotive inspection and testing, intelligent networking, intelligent parking, lightweight manufacturing technology and equipment, energy-saving and new energy vehicles, intelligent chemical plants, automotive manufacturing automation, industrial assembly and automation, industrial robots New exhibition areas/zones for laser intelligent manufacturing, mold manufacturing, surface treatment, component cleaning engineering, industrial special wires, cable connectors, and wire harness processing equipment, focusing on future automotive technology development, showcasing new technologies and concepts such as electrification, lightweight, autonomous driving, intelligent networking, and shared operation, and building a one-stop automotive engineering platform for design, research and development, production, and manufacturing. The new technologies and products in all aspects of the entire automotive manufacturing industry chain allow every visitor to have a one-stop understanding of more, more comprehensive, and better industry new products and information in all aspects of automotive manufacturing. In today's high-speed development of the automotive manufacturing industry, we promote the integration of the upstream and downstream industrial chains of automotive manufacturing, and create new development opportunities for the automotive industry!
In addition to a 20% increase in exhibition scale and exhibition area compared to last year, in order to better present a perfect automotive manufacturing feast for each exhibitor and audience, the organizing committee has carefully integrated resources, organized multiple industry summit forums during the same period, focused on industry development hotspots, witnessed new technologies in the industry, solved relevant problems faced by the industry, and promoted industry integration and upgrading.