Self propelled comprehensive testing machine

Equipment is introduced



Detailed description


Equipment is introduced


■ Equipment configuration


The self-propelled comprehensive testing machine is composed of body, positioning device, power device, testing system, printing device, flip device, human-machine interface and programmable controller


■ Equipment functions and features


1.The data of standard products will be recorded and saved through the human-machine interface, and compared with the test data of the tested products, it will be qualified products within the tolerance range of technical requirements, and unqualified products will be unqualified products beyond the range and will be warned.


2.The device can set a variety of detection modes, save up to 20 product parameters and tens of thousands of detection data, and make it easy to call and check;Through the configuration of high-precision sensors and intelligent programmable controller, with high detection accuracy, low failure rate, stable performance, long service life and other characteristics, suitable for the automotive cable comprehensive performance testing, is the production of cable products of the ideal comprehensive testing equipment, can be used on a single machine and line work.


■ Processing range


Length of test product: 500-30000mm (adjustable)


Detection accuracy: ±0.1mm (air source stability is required)



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