Seat foam tapping machine

Fully automatic seat foam compression production line, the foam opening production line consists of vacuum opening system, mechanical rolling system and repair conveyor belt control.






Detailed description

2.1 Equipment composition

The foam hole opening production line is composed of vacuum hole opening system, mechanical rolling system and repairing conveyor belt control.

2.2 Working Principle

L Principle of vacuum opening

Foam products placed on the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt automatically send products to the position of the chamber evacuation rules, the conveyor belt to stop, vacuum box cover fall in place, vacuum valve began pumping air into vacuum state, after reaching the set value, stop and keep the vacuum vacuum for a period of time, keep time, begins to release the vacuum to the specified vacuum, then carries on the second vacuum, so repeatedly vacuum adjustable number (vacuum).Release all the vacuums at the last time, the empty box rises and returns, the conveyor starts to run, and the product is sent out of the empty box. At this point, the vacuum opening action of the product is completed.

L Mechanical rolling principle

Foam products are placed in the lower roller slopes and by unpowered slope transfer roller to the lower conveyor belt, the lower the unpowered roller automatically on both sides of the conveyor belt transmission products position adjustment to the rules, and the product into the roller compaction area, product by the first paragraph the machine first opening roller compaction, after being products completely after the first period of RCC, again into the second period of mechanical opening roller compaction, send the product after two rolling.



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