Cable screw riveting and pressing integrated machine

2) applicable to the type of casing: this device is applicable to 5-6-7 spring hose or straight wire tube, ensuring the straightness of the pipe; 3) suitable for wire rope type: this equipment is suitable for the 19, phi phi 1.5 1 * 1.8 1 * 19, 19, phi phi 2.0 1 * 2.5 1 * 19 wire rope; 4) size range of processed products: pressure tube length range 900mm-1900mm, A+B length range 42mm-242mm, accuracy ±1mm;Total product limit length: 942mm-2142mm (not including screw joint length and size);



Detailed description

The equipment is integrated with precision cutting, riveting, pulling force testing, effective stroke testing, product qualification and non-qualification product sorting, product quantity batch storage and other actions.Compared with the traditional separation process, this equipment has the advantages of ensuring product quality, improving production efficiency and reducing personnel allocation.Equipment location mobile mechanism adopts whole synchronization, ensure the product level into the accuracy and reliability of equipment is controlled by the man-machine interface, realize the parametric visual control, convenient to change the corresponding parameter according to actual production demand, production staff product testing data with a backend storage function, equipment failure can be displayed according to the theory of time rhythm analysis, produce the beat forecasts for: 6 s/a, 8 hours of class output: 4800 pieces of equipment used electrical components, electrical control components all use well-known brands at home and abroad, to ensure the precision and stability of equipment operation.Equipment reasonable debugging, maintenance door design, better realize the late equipment debugging and maintenance;



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